September 20

New and (Hopefully) Improved!


Welcome (Back) to Midlife Mayhem!

A long time ago, in a kingdom far, far away….a Blog and Facebook page called Midlife Mayhem were born. For awhile, the crazy middle aged lady who created them tried to make it all work. Eventually, she realized all the big plans she had for herself and her blog weren’t coming to fruition (ok, actually she just threw her hands up in the air and said “Screw it”) and took a long sabbatical from the blog and the facebook page. While she was off trying to find herself (ahem…reclaim some sense of sanity), she had quite the AHA moment! She had been going about it all wrong. She decided to give it another shot, peeled off the straightjacket and got to work.

PRESENT DAY:  Now, here we are! If you’re wondering about my great epiphany, it was actually quite simple.  I love to write. I have always loved to write. But, two things happened along the way. The first was that I wasn’t really writing very much. I needed to find more balance between the FB page and the blog. The second was that when I DID write, I was trying too hard to write for everyone else. Was it good enough? Was it funny? Would they like it if I wrote about something serious? What does everyone else want to hear about? While, of course, you want your readers to be interested and enjoy what you write (or the only readers you have will end up being your saintly grandmother and some weirdo troll), the most important thing is stay true to yourself….at least to me. The rest will (or maybe not) follow. So, there you have it…my great AHA moment. Hey, I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes. What can I say?

Midlife Mayhem has always been (and will continue to be) mostly about this crazy train we’re riding together.  The humorous, and sometimes more serious, look at the joys and perils of this stage of our lives.  Now, there will also be a few extra categories on other subjects that you may choose to check out if you’re interested.

Enough of the boring, administrative stuff! Soon, we’ll be launching into all the fabulous parts of midlife. Grey hairs, stray hairs, gravity, marriage in midlife, raising kids…and ohhhh the teenagers…and much, MUCH more!

So, pull up your Spanx, grab those tweezers (nose hair clippers for the guys) and hang on for the ride! It’s a bumpy one!